#Nine25PayDays is here!

Show us your coffee — buy a coffee with your Nine25 Card, 5 lucky winners win $50!
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How it works

Mockup of the first step to sign up to Nine25.

Free Signup

Download the Nine25 App and claim your ~streamtag.

Mockup of the Instagram post for the #Nine25PayDays campaign.

Follow & Comment

Buy a coffee with your Nine25 Card, post a story and drop your ~streamtag with the hashtag #Nine25PayDays in comments.

Mockup of the Nine25 Dashboard.

Win Prizes

5 lucky winners will get $50 each sent to their Nine25 Account.

Spend, shop and earn rewards.

Unlock endless possibilities with a free Nine25 Account.

An illustration of the Nine25 Card with money sitting around it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to enter #Nine25PayDays?
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To enter the giveaways, you will need: (1) An Eligible Nine25 App Account; (2) A Social Media Account; and (3) Comment on the Nine25 post with your Social Media Account which includes both ‘#Nine25Paydays’ and your personal ~streamtag; and (4) follow Nine25’s Instagram account where the giveaway post is displayed. Good luck!
How are winners selected?
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During the giveaway period prize winners will be chosen at random from all valid entries. Your odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received. Happy posting!
How do winners receive their prize?
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The Prize Winners receive their prize as a deposit into their Nine25 App Account at any time throughout the giveaway period.
Is it free to enter and how often do giveaways take place?
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It’s free to enter any #Nine25PayDays giveaway with no purchase necessary. #Nine25PayDays runs each week. Check the period specified on the giveaway post as the giveaway period may vary from one day to seven days.