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Illustration of the "Your Nine25 Account" screen of the Nine25 App, with the BSB and Account Number floating in front. Some coins are stacked and flying on the side.
Feature: Spend

Everyday & Cash Rewards Account.

Spend money. Send money.
Receive money. Win money.

Instant account ready for you.

Get your free account to add money as soon as you sign up with no additional set‚ÄĎup processes¬†involved.

Illustration of the Nine25 Dashboard on a phone with 3 tags attached to it which say "Free", "BSB" and "Account number".
Illustration of a network between people, a bank icon and a financial document. In the middle is a sample BSB and Account Number.

Your own personal BSB and Account Number.

Give it to your friends, split your paycheques, or keep it for yourself and add money to your Nine25 Account in an instant.

Add and send money in a flash.

Enjoy deposits to your Nine25 Account within seconds and effortlessly send funds to your Nine25 friends.

Illustration of 2 phones showing the Nine25 App's UI. On the left is the "Add money using your Nine25 BSB and account number." On the left is the amount screen where you can select how much you want to send to you friend.
Illustration of an arcade game machine that has some texts that say "Ready Player One", Bitcoin, dollar signs and gift box icons on the screen.

Put your money to work.

Convert a portion of your paycheque or any deposit into Bitcoin, shares or ETFs to grow your wealth.

Spend, shop and earn rewards.

Unlock endless possibilities with a free Nine25 Account.

An illustration of the Nine25 Card with money sitting around it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Spend Account?
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The Spend Account is your personal account to add money, spend money using your Nine25 Card and send money to friends.
Do I get my own BSB and Account Number?
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Yes you do. Every Spend Account has its own unique BSB and Account Number.
Is the Spend Account free?
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Yes it is. It’s free to set up and free to use.
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