An illustration that shows the Nine25 app's Dashboard with the balance popping out.

A clock floats on the left.
Feature: Pay Stream®

Unfriend your pay cycle.

Pay Stream® makes receiving the money you earn in real‑time a reality.

How Pay Stream® works.


Sign up

Create a Nine25 Account within minutes and get your free Nine25 Card that you can use in‑store or online with Apple Pay.

Mockup of the Free Dashboard.

Link accounts

Link your bank account (the one where your wage or salary is paid) for instant cash‑outs. Then, link your employment software (such as payroll) to verify your earnings and employment details.

Mockup of the Confirm Employment Details screen.

Go premium

Switch your deposits to your Nine25 Account to activate Pay Stream®. Money you earn will then stream to your Nine25 Account each hour instead of landing in your bank account at the end of every Pay Cycle.

A mockup of the Nine25 UI, showing the "Welcome to Nine25 premium" screen.

Livin’ on the Stream

Your Nine25 Account is your digital wallet from which you can spend, manage and invest your money as you earn it. Nine25 makes available your income in real‑time and reconciles what you’ve spent when the ‘Ok Boomer’ Pay Cycle is complete.

Mockup of the Premium Dashboard.
Mockup of the Free Dashboard.Mockup of the Confirm Employment Details screen.A mockup of the Nine25 UI, showing the Welcome to Nine25 premium screen.Mockup of the Premium Dashboard.

Your money,
in your control.

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