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Our vibe at Nine25

The vibe is this — Australia’s banking and investment systems are from pre‑computer times. Like when an actual person had to ink up a quill and write out paycheques, fill out bank entries, print share certificates. It’s old‑timey, it’s dusty and musty and it’s 2023! Quills are out, apps are in. So why are we still waiting for our money to do better… Enter Nine25.

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Let's Do money.
better. Together.

We believe that being money smart makes it possible for everyone to live a financially independent life.

We already know how hard it is to be money smart when you’ve got  random salary accounts, bill management, lending, financial wellness, trading, and investing apps that all claim to work towards a better financial future for you…but they can’t even work together for you.

It’s time to do better. It’s time to do money, better.

Your feedback is vital to that future. Let's do it together.

Our values

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Rebel responsibly.

We believe financial independence is there for the taking — for anyone who wants to achieve it.

Rebel responsibly by taking control of your money and being the financially thriving you of your dreams.

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Financial independence.

It’s all about small moves towards your BIG goals, daily.

Small moves like, getting rewarded for spending, sending money to friends easily‑breezily and investing small amounts regularly.

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This one is more of a promise. Like, how our tech will always be streamlined and easily integrated into your lifestyle.

The Nine25 App will simply do all the heavy lifting for you (except at the gym — that’s all you!).

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Don’t be a d*ckhead.

Value yourself, your physical, mental and financial health.

Because you make your money, not the other way around.

Leigh Dunsford
Leigh Dunsford

Founder’s story

In 2012, Leigh dared to solve cash flow timing for small businesses by building a software solution that the world’s largest banks now use. Enter 2021, his passion has turned to the world's workers, now fixated on solving the socially critical financial health and wealth creation problem. Financial stress finds its way into every aspect of our lives, driven by increasing costs of bills and expenses. Leigh believes in a world of financial inclusion for all and to push intelligent automated software to drive healthier outcomes.

Meet our team

Like a lot of babies born in the early‑2020s, we were conceived in lockdown. The Nine25 team works together from all around the world, so we mostly see each other in virtual rooms.

But, sometimes we meet up IRL and it isn’t awkward at all...

A photo of Nine25 team members meeting in the virtual room on Google Meet.
A photo of the Nine25 teamA photo of Nine25 team members meeting in the virtual room on Google Meet.