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The only app to get the money you earn every hour to spend, manage and invest in one place.
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Nine25 is a financial revolution. With Pay Stream®, Bill Streams and Safe Spend, our app unlocks financial independence for the individual.

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Streaming is the money you earn flowing into your Nine25 account in real‑time. Level up your healthy financial habits with Nine25!

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Streaming 9 to 5, what a way to live.
Livin’ on the Stream

Livin’ on the stream®

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Livin’ on the Stream is daring to change the status quo. It is financial independence, resilience and setting yourself free from financial stress.

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ready? start streaming with us!
ready? start streaming with us!
ready? start streaming with us!

Pay Stream® your money every hour.

Get the money you earn every hour before payday to make purchases, pay bills, send to friends, invest and more.

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Spend without worry.

Take a glance at your Safe Spend and know exactly what you can afford.

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Tap and pay the Nine25 way.

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Automate your Bills and smash your goals.

Create Streams for your upcoming Bills or goals and Nine25 will save for them in real‑time.

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Invest as you earn.

Invest in shares and ETFs to power up your wealth with our automated investing technology. Get started with as small as $1/week with Nine25.

We take security seriously.

We use bank‑grade security and anonymise your data to keep you and your money safe.

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Dare to power up your finances.

Start livin’ on the Stream®